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African American Couple

Marathon Couples Counseling

Couple in therapy session

What is Marathon Couples Therapy?

Marathon Couples Therapy is a short- term intensive therapy that’s aim is to provide a couple with a longer period of time to address issues in the relationship than the normal 53-minute counseling session.  Typically it is designed to offer a couple a half-day to multiple full days in order to address specific issues that may be keeping the relationship from thriving.   The intensive time period allows a couple to address specific issues that are damaging the relationship and give the couple the opportunity to move forward in a way that can strengthen the relationship.  The Marathon Couples Counseling is designed specifically for the needs you have at the time.   It has shown success in a number of different situations.  Some of those include inability to engage in weekly couples sessions because of distance from the therapist or work schedules, the discovery of an affair of other crisis, or couples embroiled in conflict.